The Staff

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of Our Church!

Our Clergy

Rev. Robin and Jim Morical

The Right Reverend Gregory Brewer, Bishop of Central Florida

The Reverend Robin Morical, Rector

The Reverend Bob Mountford, Assoc. Priest
The Reverend Linda Coulter, Deacon
The Reverend Philip Dunbar, Deacon
The Reverend Linda Kromhout, Deacon

Our Vestry

Charles Walters, Sr. Warden
Leroy Peters, Jr. Warden
Missy Shah, Treasurer
Audrey Sylvain
Lillian Soler
Camella Gonzalez
Kaye Simerly
Mike Hartin
Karen Hartin, Clerk

Our Staff

Parish Administrator – Linda Patti
Youth Minister – Riley Nutt
Organist – James Aagard (Traditional Service)
Worship Leader – Eric Alexander (Contemporary Service)
Director of Pastoral Ministries – The Rev. Lin Kromhout
Parish Sexton – John Jasiulewicz